About Us

Our Goal
We created our place, with love for clothes, styling and vintage aesthetics, in order to bring the old-school to the nu-school and vice versa!

We choose pieces from the 70s until today, so you can make your own mixes, matches and combos, for an amazing and unique look.

Our Stories

We embrace every single one of you, as individual and we want to create, with you, moments of joy and unforgettable experiences.

Our Philosophy

Every garment has its own history. We are here to keep it going!

For re:wearit every piece and every customer is different and unique!

We choose to approach every single own of you, individually in order for you to have the best and most pleasant service.

In our store you will find one of a kind vintage and timeless street / casual / sport / classic / glam pieces.

Lisa John

Lisa John

Fashion Design
Jane Doe

Jane Doe

Cartherin Forres

Cartherin Forres

Marketing Manager